Moss Experiment – October Update

This is just a quick update on the growth of my backyard moss. Since it’s cooled down outside, I think the moss is doing even better! It’s a nice bright green color, now. It helps that September was an extremely wet month, too.

Unfortunately, the soil in my backyard is still eroding, leaving the top layer really sandy, and the bottom layer hard as rock. I think the sandy top layer has been washed away in the area shown in the last image, so the moss is really taking off there. It’s also the shadiest part in the yard, since it only gets a few hours of morning sunlight, and it’s shaded by the house the rest of the day. So, cool wet areas = ideal for moss. But, sunnier and drier areas aren’t bad…the moss just grows more slowly (images 2 – 4).

The steppable moss (image 1) is also doing fantastically, and I’m looking forward to seeing it fill out the bare patch of soil.

Slide5 Slide4 Slide3 Slide2

Moss growth since April

Moss growth since April

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