Caribbean Bee IDs

Since, species descriptions are usually done once, and since most of them have been done around a century ago, I’ve found it quite difficult to find all the identification sources I need for my studies. I have yet to find descriptions of all the species in Puerto Rico! So, if anyone out there is struggling with the same issue, this page is for you. Also, if you want pictures or just to identify the genus of the bees, a good resource is .

And, as a quick reference, I’ve created some visual guides (click here)  to try and narrow down the bee species.

  1. Agapostemon viequesensis Cockerell 
  2. Anthophora tricolor Fabricius (with images)
  3. Augochlora buscki Cockerell  (with images)
  4. Centris decolorata Lepeletier (with images)
  5. Centris haemorrhoidalis Fabricius (with images)
  6. Centris lanipes Fabricius (with images)
  7. Centris smithii Cresson (with images)
  8. Coelioxys apicata Smith
  9. Coelioxys spinosa Dewitz
  10. Coelioxys abdominalis Guérin-Méneville
  11. Exomalopsis analis Spinola (with images)
  12. Exomalopsis bahamica Timberlake  (with images)
  13. Exomalopsis pulchella Cresson (with images)
  14. Exomalopsis pubescens Cresson
  15. Exomalopsis similis Cresson (with images)
  16. Florilegus lanierii Guérin-Méneville
  17. Lasioglossum busckiellum Cockerell
  18. Lasioglossum eickwortellum Engel
  19. Lasioglossum ferrerii Baker (with images)
  20. Lasioglossum gundlachii Baker
  21. Lasioglossum mestrei Baker (with images)
  22. Lasioglossum parvum Cresson (with images)
  23. Lasioglossum rufopantex Engel (with images)
  24. Megachile rufipennis Fabricius
  25. Megachile concinna Smith (with images)
  26. Megachile holosericea Fabricius
  27. Megachile lanata  Fabricius (with images)
  28. Melissodes trifasciata Smith (with images)
  29. Nesosphecodes anthracinus Engel
  30. Nomada krugii Cresson (with images)
  31. Nomada pilipes Cresson
  32. Xeromelecta tibialis Fabricius
  33. Xylocopa mordax Smith (with images)
  34. Ceratina guarnacciana Genaro (Unpublished* NEW RECORD IN PUERTO RICO – 2013) (with images)
  35. Sphecodes tainoi Engel (Engel, M.S. and S.G. Prado 2014 – NEW RECORD IN PUERTO RICO – 2013) (with images)
  36. Mesoplia aff. rufipes  Perty (with images)
  37. Hylaeus species TBD (Unpublished* NEW RECORD IN PUERTO RICO – 2014) (with images)
  38. Augochlora boriquena  (Genaro 2016) (with images)
  39. Agapostemon Species TBD Agapostemon Species TBD (Unpublished *NEW RECORD IN PUERTO RICO – 2015) (with images)

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