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Harvest time! … or is it?

It’s been a very long time, since I wrote my last post…but that’s because not much has happened (research-wise) since I left Puerto Rico at the end of March. Just a short recap, for those of you who don’t have … Continue reading

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Festivals, travel and back at it again!

Sorry for leaving you all on a cliffhanger! My plan from two weeks ago (to go an pollinate all the flowers that I saw blooming and budding AND trap bees) fell through since Pachamama (or Atabey here in the Puerto … Continue reading

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Pachamama, why you messing with me?

*Pachamama is the Quechua word for mother nature – being Peruvian, and having spent time in Peru, I learned a bit of Quechua, one of the many native languages in Peru. I love the term Pachamama, and I’m happy to … Continue reading

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On top of the world!

This week was action-packed! On Monday we went to Maricao and found a few of the Arabica coffee plants which were flowering, and hand-pollinated those. It was really interesting to pollinate the Arabica flowers after having pollinated Canephora ones, last … Continue reading

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Let the field work begin!

On January 11th, I returned to Puerto Rico to begin my first full season of field work for my PhD. I’ll be here for 2.5 months, so I’m excited and nervous…need to make sure I get everything done during that … Continue reading

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