Nomada pilipes Cresson

Nomada pilipes Cresson

GENUS (The bees of the World by Michener 2007)

  • Slender, sparsely haired, wasplike bee
  • majority have yellow or wite integumental markings, often on all tagmata, or the whole body, or at least the metasoma is red
  • sometimes yellow or white integumental markings are on a red background
  • The body length is from >3mm to 16mm
  • most species have three submarginal cells, the first nearly as long as the second and third taken together
  • In some species, the second submarginal crossvein is absent, elaving two subequal submarginal cells
  • Rarely, the first submarginal corssvein is lost, resulting in a long first submarginal cell and a small second
  • S5 on the female is emarginate with tuft of bristles on each resultant love
  • T6 of the female has a lateroapical tuft of bristles on each side of the pygidial plate
  • the apex of S6 of the female is subtruncate, with apicolateral groups of blunt spinelike setae

Species description available in Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Philadelphia, Volume 4 p. 183

Species images available on USGS Bee inventory and monitoring laboratory Flickr page

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