Megachile rufipennis Fabricius

Megachile rufipennis Fabricius

GENUS  (The bees of the World by Michener 2007)


  • Scopa present on S2 to S5 or S6
  • Metasoma not tapering throughout its length


  • T6 with large preapical carina (apparent apex of metasoma), often crenulate, often emarginated medially, sometimes reduced to two spines or rarely absent
  • Posterior lobe of pronotum usually with weak transverse ridge, sometimes with carina or low lamella but without spine

SPECIES (See Key to the genus Megachile, Chalicodoma group (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) in Cuba by Julio Genaro)


  • 12 segmented antenna, scopa present on metasomal sterna
  • Entire metasoma quite densely rufous; wings yellow, veins not contrasting with the general wing surface; robust form


  • 13 segmented antenna, scopa absent
  • Metasoma with four exposed sterna, S4 exposed, not covered by S3,
  • wings not hyaline
  • Protarsus dilated, probasitarsus with glabrous excavation along anterior, inner margin; metasomal T5 and T6 with fulvous pilosity

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