Lasioglossum rufopantex Engel

Lasioglossum rufopantex (Engel)

SUBGENUS Dialictus (The bees of the World by Michener 2007)

  • Second submarginal crossvein, at least in female, weaker than first, although not always as weak as third or as second recurrent vein
  • Posterior surface of propodeum in nonmetallic species, usually with alteral vertical carina extending only partway to summit, then usually not extending mesad across upper margin, so that there is usually no carina between dorsal and posterior surfaces bu in metallic species, with or without propodeal carinae, sometimes even more strongly carinate.
  • body black or metallic greenish or bluish rarely bright metallic green
  • scopa normal, largely plumose
  • nonmetallic or metallic, with three submarginal cells, or in a few metallic species, with two; inner hind tibial spur of female pectinate with a few large teeth
  • mandible of female with small, dorsal preapical tooth; middorsal length of male gonobase usually over one-third as long as gonocoxite.

Species description found in : “ Three new Habralictellus bee species from the Caribbean (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)” by Michael S. ENGEL p. 33

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