Florilegus lanierii Guerin-Meneville

Florilegus lanierii (Guerin-Meneville)

SUBGENUS Florilegus (The bees of the World by Michener 2007)

9-11 mm long, with much yellowish hair.


  • Hind tibia unmodified
  • Hind femur convex beneaath
  • Inner apical love of S7 broader than long, terminating in fringe of long hais
  • Smaller forms with pale fascia (sometimes broken) on T2 and T3
  • Scutellum more convex


  • Hairs of maxilla and mentum simple,
  • inconspicuous maginal cell longer tan distance from apex to wing tip
  • scutellum less than 1/3 as long as scutum, convex
  • first flagellar segment distinctly shorter than distance between posterior ocelli
  • at least T3 with band of pale pubescence

Species description in “As especies do genero Florilegus Robertson, 1900 (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)” p. 253.

  • Yellow and black pubescence 
  • scutellum normal, shorter than one third of the length of the mesocutum, not exceeding metanotum when viewed in profile.
  • female scape is much longer than the first flagellar segment, generally with simple hairs on labio-maxillary complex.
  • the males without modifications on the hind legs


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