Exomalopsis pubescens Cresson

Exomalopsis pubescens Cresson

GENUS (The bees of the World by Michener 2007)

  • Scopa consisting of strongly plumos hairs
  • mandible simple
  • s7 of male variable
  • male gonocoxite without apicolateral process from which gonostylus arises
  • Second medial cell of forewing much shorter than second cubital
  • labrum and clypeus of female entirely dark
  • margin of T7 of male not produced into a carina or lamella, or if carina present, then its posterior margin elevated as margin of pygidial plate
  •  S7 of male not trilobed
  • hind basitarsus of female with apical process and penicillus
  • basitibial plate of female large, central area with velvety pilosity seperated from raised margin by groove, and tranverse carina of T1 of female present
  • labrum and clypeus of male entirely dark
  • outer side of penis valve with strong lateral process
  • dorsal flange of male gonocoxite present

For a species description, see page 142-143 of Review of North American Exomalopsis (Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae) By Philip Hunter Timberlake

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