Coelioxys spinosa Dewitz

Species description available in German by Dewitz 1881

This is what google translate gave me:

Black with immature white drawings. Underside of the abdomen and legs reddish-brown. The last two segments of the male flesh behind with 4 spikes on each side, behind the last segment of the female flesh on the tip hairy, upper side keeled. long without SENSORS 0.013m, female slightly longer.

black; punktirung to head and chest is not as strong on the abdomen, legs and underside of the abdomen reddish-brown. behind the first physical segment also shows faint reddish-brown on the sides, in black over solid coloring.

Legs, head and chest as in rufipes, drawn by white hairs whitish, as the posterior margin of the segments of the abdomen with white scales on. Tegulae brown. Trailing edge of the square patrimony. In midline with a tooth-endings, Which is surpassed by the two long to something seitlicbhen ago Last abdominal segment of the female keeled to the top, next to the keel is at the top of each hand a deep impression; bach pointed flap pulled the tip of jerk – like the flap of the brook lezten segment is covered with strong hairs. At times the last segment runs on each side into two thorns, that carries one Of which the two upper somewhat lower of the two uberragtwerdenl the last as well as the penultimate segment at times on each side, a mandrel so that in Sandstone tiling Malthus 8 (each side 4) thorns be found at dewn last two segments of the male flesh behind.
The belly of the fourth rail behind physical ring is extended on the times in the central line in a rearwardly projecting tip.
wings at the tip sooty.
Rufipes and Differs from carinata present art mainly by the well-developed middle tooth on the edge behind the scutellum, and the different shape of the behind physical peak.

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