Coelioxys abdominalis Guérin-Méneville

Coelioxys abdominalis Guérin-Méneville

Subgenus (Cyrtocoelioxys)

Subgenus FEMALE (From: The bees of the World – Michener 2007)

  • Scopa absent
  • Metaoma tapering from near base to narrow, often acutely pointed apex
  • Omaular carina present
  • Scutellum with dorsal and posterior surfaces usually separated by distinct, sometimes carinate, angle
  • Axilla almost always produces posteriorly to angle or spine

Subgenus MALE (From: The bees of the World – Michener 2007)

  • T6 appearing multispinose because of two pairs of long preapical spines, each spine of upper pair sometimes divided into two, or cenulate, rounded, or fused to other spine of pairs

Subgenus BOTH

  • Postgadular grooves of T2 and T3 interrupted medially, clearly evident laterally
  • Subocellar area of frons usually closely punctate and quite flat, but if with smooth swollen area, then usually with a few punctures divided medially by punctate zone
  • Scutellum usualy well punctured, hind marging not carinate and not overlying metanotum except sometimes for a median angle or tubercle
  • Concavity of T1 with dorsal marginal carina; T1 usually with more or less conspicuous pale basal fascia of hairs (i.e. on dorsum immediately behind basal concavity)
  • S6 of female without lateral subapical notch; hypostomal concavity present in male, though sometimes obscured by pubescence
  • Scutellum subtriangular, or, if broadly rounded posteriorly, then dorsal and posterior surfaces usually only indefinitely separated  (S6 of female fringed with setae)
  • Subocellar area of the face is flat or nearly so

SPECIES: (From: Island: Fact and Theory in Nature by James D. Lazell)

  • Body length 10-12 mm
  • Head and thorax black with a bright red abdomen
  • Abdomen is broadest at the base, tapering off toward the tip.

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