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Polen polooza!

Well folks, in case you’re wondering what people do after their field work, here’s an example! All those pollen swabs that I took during the field season need to be analyzed, and the way to do that is to compare … Continue reading

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The end of an era

Well, dear friends and family, I’m finally home sweet home, writing this post with high-speed internet in the comfort of my office. Such a different feeling from when I wrote the last few posts, sweating in my seat, worried that … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, go away, come again …when I’m done, please!

Well, we’re onto visual observations, and it’s going so-so, to say the least. 😦 Last week we were able to get some nectar and pollen collection done, as well as a few visual observations, which was really exciting. It’s nice … Continue reading

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Nectar, pollen, measure, nectar, pollen, measure…

**This is going to be a picture heavy post – after all a picture is worth a thousand words! Hope you enjoy!** So many flowers, so much data! I really can’t complain, though, since things have been going so smoothly. … Continue reading

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Things are great, measuring floral traits!

*Recap: This year, we’ll be focusing on two main objectives: 1. Determining the effects of floral diversity on bee visitation rates to coffee, and 2. Identifying the effects of coffee management practices on coffee floral traits.* 🙂 I couldn’t think of … Continue reading

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Field guide for identifying bees in PR

Happy new year everyone! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle everything this new year throws your way. There’s just over a week left before I leave Raleigh and head to Puerto … Continue reading

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Wet processing coffee

Well, I just came back from spending two weeks in Puerto Rico, checking up on how the coffee harvest is going. I have some amazing technicians working for me, but there’s nothing like being there in person to make sure things … Continue reading

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