The end of an era

Well, dear friends and family, I’m finally home sweet home, writing this post with high-speed internet in the comfort of my office. Such a different feeling from when I wrote the last few posts, sweating in my seat, worried that the page would crash before I finished writing! Though there are so many benefits to being home, I already miss my days hiking in the farms, the sweet smell of coffee flowers, eating my lunch under a tall tree,  and listening to the birds sing.

That’s enough reminiscing for now, as I’m sure you’re more curious about how my last month went. Well, if you remember, I asked you all to cross your fingers for good weather, and it worked! Thanks to all of you who sent good vibes my way 🙂 We were successful in observing pollinators on over 85 trees, and were even able to collect nectar and pollen data on 4-5 trees we hadn’t been able to get to, beforehand! So, it ended up being a really productive final month.

Since I already explained what we do during our visual observations, I figured I’d just provide a slideshow of some pretty flowers, views and some memorable moments from the season.


I’ll be back to write about my findings once I actually start data analysis!

❤ bye for now!

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