Worth a listen

Laurence Packer, a professor at York University, whom I met during the Bee Course in 2013 was interviewed on Fresh Air.

He talks about the importance of bees, why domesticate honeybees are threatened and also about how you can help promote bees in your backyard. It’s definitely worth a listen!

I read a bit of his book “Keeping The Bees: Why All Bees Are At Risk And What We Can Do To Save Them” and it looks pretty interesting! My favorite part from the excerpt is: 

Certainly the loss of all bees would result in catastrophic cascades through the terrestrial ecosystems of the world. If many of the flowering plants were to disappear, the other species that rely upon those plants would also be in trouble. How many squirrels would there be without the nuts that result from pollination by bees? How many songbirds would there be without the berries that result from pollination by bees? No squirrels and no songbirds means no predators that eat the squirrels and songbirds. So the impact of bees extends throughout the food web—even to us.


Shocking, yet very true. Save the bees 🙂

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