Exploring St-Croix

Since I was only in St-Croix for 2 days, I didn’t get to see much…but I did have time to walk around the small, but beautiful campus. 

ImageThis is a picture of the Research and Extension Center’s building. Inside, there were pictures of the old sugar cane plantations that use to exist around the island. It’s pretty impressive to see the change.

ImageI believe this was the administrative building. Beautiful architecture. It was alone at the top of a little hill. 

ImageImageImageThese three pictures are of the inside of the main building. It was very open, very ‘Caribbean’ feeling. I don’t exactly know what the stone structure use to be, or if it was even there before the school was built. And, yes, there’s a little stream built into the stone structure.

When we drove off campus to go and visit the agricultural fields, we passed by this impressive baobab tree. 

ImageEven though it looks like three separate trees growing side-by-side, it’s actually one. Rudy, the botanist we were with, knew it was one tree because of the shape of the fruit. Instead of having round fruits like all the other trees on the island, the fruits from this tree have a ‘nipple’ in them.



If you crack open the fruit, there’s pulp and seeds you can eat. Kind of like the cocoa fruit. 

ImageIt’s kind of hard to see from this picture, but all that white is pulp. You suck on the seeds to get the tangy, but slightly sweet pulp off of them.

I quite enjoyed it, actually!


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